News : On the Move

Feb 3, 2012

Published by Coastal Home

Written by Jim Cavan

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 37.1 million Americans move every year. And anyone who has ever had to transfer belongings from one place to another - be it across town or across the country - knows that the process often entails a lot of waste. From cardboard boxes to long-forgotten trinkets and heirlooms, no move is really complete without a trip or two to the landfill or a curb full of refuse.

It is a problem that Genevieve Benton desperately wanted to address when she launched A Perfect Move in October 2007. After 25 years of working in the moving industry, Benton - a New Hampshire native who spent time in South Carolina before moving back to the Seacoast area - wanted to forge a unique and waste-conscious niche in the super-competitive moving industry. A true family affair, A Perfect Move's business team includes daughter Erin O'Connell and son James...

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