News : Shawnee Peak's Mountaintop Cabin Combines Rustic Charm and Comfort

Jan 12, 2012

Published in Portsmouth Patch

by Scott Szycher

It’s like a lot of other cabins you may have rented across the hilly expanses of northern New England: it’s got a gas-powered fireplace for heat, a kitchenette with a propane gas stove for cooking, two bunk beds, a sofa, and a natural outhouse and fire pit just steps away.

But there’s one thing that makes this cabin somewhat unique: it’s located at the top of Pleasant Mountain, otherwise known as the Shawnee Peak Mountain Resort. And it’s new this Winter for outdoor sports enthusiasts, as well as folks just looking to take a break from the stresses of modern life, without the enduring frigid overnight temperatures that plague Winter camping.

“When we came up with this idea, we envisioned a rustic cabin that still has the basic necessities to attract families,” said Rachael Wilkinson, Shawnee Peak’s Marketing Director. “The Pleasant Mountain Cabin is a great way to connect with nature and the alpine spirit while still maintaining comforts like heat and beds for a good night’s sleep.”

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