News : Volkswagen’s National Drive Towards Green Mirrored at Greenland Dealership

Dec 7, 2011

From Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

Between government bailouts and burgeoning green technologies, it’s been easy over the last few years to get lost in the American automotive world’s two extremes – the good and bad of an industry searching for a new identity.

All the while, German automaker Volkswagen has been quietly grown into a major player in the American market.

Of course, Part of the company’s resulting growth can be attributed to its well-honed reputation for durable, efficient, affordable cars.

But with the company’s massive Chattanooga, Tennessee plant having been recently awarded Platinum certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – the nation’s top building efficiency standard – it’s clear that Volkswagen is beginning to stake its own claim to green...

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