News : NH’s Only Cloth Diaper Service Determined to Show Green Way Forward

Dec 5, 2011

From Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth Patch and Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

During the 1950s, few consumer products hit the shelves with a more welcome thud of convenience than the disposable diaper.

And with good reason: What had for centuries been a thanklessly necessary ritual had suddenly transformed into one as easy as flipping open the trash can.

The next five decades would find industry giants Pampers and Huggies engaged in all-out war, with both sides out to prove theirs were the cleanest, cheapest, and most convenient.

But as with so many other once nagging tasks suddenly rendered simple, it took a while before the true implications of all those plastic-based diapers – anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 per child – began to reveal themselves...

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