News : Green Alliance and N.H. Coast partner to improve water quality in Seacoast area

Dec 1, 2011

Published in The New Hampshire

by Dave Anderson

Studies have shown that local businesses tend to be more supportive of local nonprofits than big box stores and retail chains, a fact demonstrated by the growing relationship between the New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership (N.H. Coast) and the Green Alliance. 

In 2008, a group of citizens came together to form N.H. Coast out of a shared concern about declining water quality in the Great Bay estuary. That same year, the Green Alliance was launched by local journalist Sarah Brown and business partner Andrew Kellar, then the owner and founder of Simply Green Biofuels, to promote local green businesses and foster the growth of a green economy in southern New Hampshire and Maine. 

Over the years, the two organizations have developed a natural friendship based on a shared desire to restore the clean water and thriving ecosystems that have defined quality of life on the Seacoast for generations. Green Alliance business partners have donated thousands of dollars to help support N.H. Coast's nonprofit mission to combine sound science with education, collaboration and advocacy to protect the natural resources of the Granite State's coastal watershed.

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