News : Tin Mountain Renewable Energy Initiative; Neighbors Helping Neighbors to Capture the Sun

Nov 16, 2011

By Andrew Tiebout

Published in Portsmouth Patch and Exeter Patch

Solar power appeals to the rugged individualist in all of us. It can turn a home into a personal power plant by reducing or eliminating reliance on fossil fuels. However, despite that appeal, less than one percent of American homes tap the sun’s energy.

This is largely because the initial cost of a solar system installation can run well over $10,000 with the financial pay-off taking years to recoup. After people run the numbers, they usually come to the conclusion that there are more pressing matters in their lives than energy independence. But, paradoxically, the key to gaining that independence might actually be available right in your home town.

Enter TMREI or Tin Mountain Renewable Energy Initiative, a community solar-barn raising group that helps cut the cost of solar power by capitalizing on people-power...

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