News : Ride and Prejudice: Bicycle Project Funding in NH

Nov 22, 2011

Published in Exeter Patch & Portsmouth Patch

by Scott Szycher

If it weren’t bad enough that austere budgets are coming after well-established, successful programs like Social Security, now there’s a new target in the cross hairs: bicycling.

Funding for bicycling transportation is coming under assault nationwide, including in New Hampshire. A hearing was held October 26 on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (DOT) ten-year transportation plan which makes significant cuts to bicycle and pedestrian funding.

“When you consider how little bicycle transportation funding costs compared to the other projects, it’s a shame to see its budget take such a hit,” said Josh Pierce, general manager of Portsmouth-based Papa Wheelies, and board member of Seacoast Area Bicycle Routes. “These types of projects give great bang for the buck, as multi-use can be used by cyclists, walkers, and even the disabled.”

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