News : Melissa Aho talks challenges of geothermal business

Nov 7, 2011

From the Portsmouth Herald

By Kelly Hearn

Melissa Aho is president of Ultra Geothermal Inc. in Barrington, a company that installs geothermal heating units in Portsmouth and on the Seacoast.

In 2008, your company Ultra Heating & Cooling changed its name to Ultra Geothermal. What was the main challenge in shifting from a traditional HVAC company to a clean energy firm?

Aho: The main challenge was operating at a profit while taking on a much more expensive line of equipment, since we converted to installing only geothermal. The previous company had been doing geothermal installations for many years but they also installed conventional heating systems. Even though the employees already had expertise in the field, the customer needed to be brought up to speed, to realize that while it's expensive to install geothermal, there are huge financial and environmental benefits downstream...

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