News : Holiday Party Time

Nov 21, 2011

Published in The New Hampshire, Exeter Patch, and Portsmouth Patch

by Scott Szycher

While Christmas means family and gift-giving in our society, the holiday season means holiday parties for business owners and employees. These holiday parties are a great reward to workers for a hard year's effort in a tight economy.

"A good holiday party can really improve morale," notes Jennifer Jarvis, owner of the Riverworks Restaurant and Tavern in downtown Newmarket. Riverworks hosts holiday parties of up to 65 in its upstairs dining rooms before 5 PM, including weekends, and hosts get-togethers in private rooms or in its dining room for evening parties.
"For some companies, the holiday party is one of the few times that people from different departments get to socialize with each other, so it acts as a great team-building opportunity," Jarvis said. "And serving fresh, creative food is something that employees really appreciate."

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