News : Pining for Beauty in Wine Storage Options

Oct 10, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch, Exeter Patch, and Foster's Daily Democrat

By Scott Szycher

Mahogany is revered for its versatility, richness, and beauty, but that quality can come at a high price. It must also be transported from forests thousands of miles away, making mahogany one of the less “green” options when it comes to wood species.  

New Englanders are fortunate; we’ve got an abundance of pine, another type of wood that grows naturally across our forests. It also provides a similar level of beauty at a far lower cost.

It’s because of pine’s beauty, workability, and affordability that led Green Cabinetworks, a premier design/build firm specialziing in high-end wine and cigar storage, to integrate this venerable wood as an option in their wine racking product lines.

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