News : Meet the New Light Bulb

Oct 17, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch and Fosters

By Dave Anderson

For more than a century, the light bulb has stood as a symbol of innovation and human ingenuity. Today, the light bulb is living up to that reputation by taking energy efficiency to a whole new level.

Sitting on the counter of The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric is a display reading, “The new LED lighting from Philips is here, and it can change everything.” It contains Philips brand LED replacement light bulbs that use just a fraction of the energy of the traditional incandescents they replace. A 60-watt incandescent light bulb can now be swapped out for a12-watt LED. A 40-watt incandescent can be replaced with an 8-watt LED.

“Saving energy is as easy as changing a light bulb,” joked Jim Pender, President and CEO of Rockingham Electric. To read the full story on Portsmouth Patch, click here! To read the full story on Fosters click here