News : Looking beyond the bottom line with Visions Kitchens

Oct 28, 2011

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

PORTSMOUTH — They're not superheroes. They might never trend on Twitter. Their profession – while certainly beholden to flairs of the artistic – is workmanlike. Their manner is unassuming; their demeanor, as friendly as it is humble.

But catch a glimpse of what occupies Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper's spare time – to say nothing of their encouraging business ethic: it might surprise you.

Co-owners of the Portsmouth-based Visions Kitchens & Design, Johnson and Proper can both trace their lineages back to Native American roots. Lakota, to be exact. Johnson is Hunka – or adopted – Lakota, while Proper is Lakota Oglala and Miq Mac)...

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