News : Jumpin' into solar

Oct 17, 2011

From Portsmouth Herald / Seacoast Online

By Michael McCord

PORTSMOUTH — Restaurant owner Jay McSharry is thinking long term when he considers the recently completed solar hot water project that sits on top of building where Jumpin' Jay's Fish Café is located.

The nine flat solar panels and the 400 gallons of solar storage are set to provide Jumpin' Jay's with more than 50 percent of its hot water needs for the next few decades.

"Solar is a nice fit for us. We have a great, flat, 8,000-square-foot roof that gets sun all day long," said McSharry, who also owns the building at 150 Congress St. "The numbers fell into place, and it made financial sense."

Serious planning began in January, when McSharry and Jack Bingham, the president of Seacoast Energy Alternatives in Dover, were able to make "the numbers work" for the project, Bingham said. Those numbers include a 30 percent federal tax credit and a state tax rebate that reduced the cost of the $34,000 investment.

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