News : Seacoast Company Makes Lean, Green Entertainment Machine

Sep 26, 2011

Published in Exeter Patch

by Jim Cavan

As we move into full fledged winter we all will be spending more days and nights indoors.  That means more early nights, and, of course, more football. 

For many – and certainly for more than a few guys – the arrival of winter means rekindling your months-dormant relationship with your living room and, more specifically, your television. Maybe yours is of a Spartan sensibility: one or two couches, a nice recliner for the ruler of the roost, and a stand-alone television whose only speakers reside on the appliance itself. Maybe you don’t even have couches. Maybe you’re one of the countless guys who have been looking for an excuse to turn your living room into your own personal I-MAX theater.

Well, that might be a stretch. What’s less of a stretch, however, is the notion that – money being no object – one of the first things thing’s we’d look to do is bolster our home’s entertainment system. And while such endeavors are by no means cheap, there’s one New Hampshire company that’s not only offering itself as a surprisingly affordable alternative – but one that is “green” as well.

After years working in retail selling home audio and video systems, Nahant, Massachusetts native Paul Ford decided he was tired of simply “pushing boxes out the door”. In 2005 he started his own business, Atlantic Home Systems, out of Barrington, which provides custom home entertainment as well as home automation and energy management systems.

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