News : Fresh at always at Riverworks Restaurant & Tavern

Sep 26, 2011

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat

by Scott Szycher

Have you ever wondered how some restaurants, particularly chain restaurants, cook and serve meals so quickly? Here's a hint: they're frequently not cooking your food in the way you might think. They're probably using pre-cooked meats in their dishes, allowing those restaurants to quickly heat your food, serve it to you, and turn your table over to the next customer. There are even downloadable guides on how restaurants can improve their "efficiency" through the use of pre-cooked meats.

Jennifer Jarvis, the owner of The Riverworks Restaurant and Tavern in downtown Newmarket, would probably use a guide like that for kindling in her fireplace. "Everything at The Riverworks is made from scratch," Jarvis proudly declares. "And my customers can taste the difference."

Located in the iconic brick building at 164 Main Street in Newmarket that has served as the home for a variety of businesses throughout the years, it's been the home of The Riverworks for the past 31 years. Its cozy ambience and rustic charm has earned it the moniker of "Newmarket's Living Room".

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