News : The Eco Firebox is something old, something new, and something beautiful

Sep 20, 2011

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat and Portsmouth Patch

By Scott Szycher

New Englanders love their wood, and for good reason: it’s a renewable resource that can provide us with a heat and cooking source without the use of fossil fuels.

But there’s a downside. When wood is burned either inside a furnace or a wood stove, it releases emissions that harm air quality, such as carbon monoxide and creosote. Some New England towns, as well as some states in the western United States, now have restrictions on wood stoves and boilers because of the problems they create, as wood smoke can be as harmful to air quality as second-hand cigarette smoke.

However, Les Veilleux's new product, the Eco Firebox. is allowing area residents to leverage our abundance of wood through a European combustion technology that’s actually been around for centuries.  But to call the Eco Firebox a technology is misleading; it can be a magnificent work of art that not only heats homes with extraordinary efficiency, but also turns an ordinary fireplace into a home’s gorgeous epicenter that consistently amazes friends and family.

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