News : Zev Yoga Opens In Exeter

Aug 24, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch, Exeter Patch, and Foster's Daily Democrat

By Scott Szycher

There’s many types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and more. But Jonas “Zev” Amberger, owner of Zev Yoga Studios, may have just come up with a new form of yoga: pro bono Yoga.

Amberger’s yoga studio in downtown Portsmouth is well-established and well-loved, and now he’s expanding westward into downtown Exeter, at 175 Water Street, right above George and Phillip’s Sporting Goods. But while Amberger has enough cache in the practice of yoga to charge premium prices – he’s been teaching yoga for almost 15 years, and holds a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine – he’s making all his classes at the Exeter studio free for the entire month of September.

This display of generosity is entirely consistent with Amberger’s larger philosophy: that yoga, like life itself, should be not simply experienced, but shared. “I want people to come see what yoga is all about,” mentioned Amberger. “It’s a spirit of being, as well as a really effective exercise and therapy for many health problems.” And given yoga’s therapeutic benefits for medical conditions such as back pain, stress, depression, and even cancer, it’s no wonder that yoga was the 6th most commonly used alternative therapy in the country during 2007. 

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