News : UNH Dairy Bar Offers Cool and Sustainable Treats

Aug 30, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch

By Lief Friedrichs

Summer cravings for ice cream have returned.  Luckily the UNH Dairy Bar offers a variety of locally produced ice creams that are as coldly refreshing as they are sustainable. The Durham eatery serves over 20 flavors of Blake’s ice cream.  Produced in Manchester, NH, Blake’s uses only the highest quality local ingredients.

And while the Dairy Bar is proud to carry the Blake’s brand, the Durham restaurant is also making a difference with their ice cream containers: All cups and spoons are either manufactured from a corn-based plastic or simply paper, which allows the Dairy Bar to compost those dishes and spoons in addition to a large portion of their food waste.

Additionally the Dairy Bar uses Energy Star rated freezers for storing and vending their delicious treats. And because the restaurant operates five freezers year-round, the energy savings really add up. Other sustainable and local products, include Stonyfield yogurt, Hatchland Farm dairy and Java Tree coffees. “There’s a big market for local food, and competitors have not been able to provide the same environmental value with their menus as we have,” explains Dairy Bar Retail Manager, Andrew Porter.

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