News : Ultra Geothermal: Finding Cools Ways to Heat up Conservation

Aug 8, 2011

Business New Hampshire Magazine has an annual Lean & Green award to recognize New Hampshire companies that help promote education of sustainable practices.  This year, the Green Alliance is proud to announce that Ultra Geothermal is the recipient of the Small Green Process Award. 

Published in BusinessNH Magazine

By Erika Cohen

Ultra Geothermal in Barrington walks the talk-using a geothermal heat pump system instead of fossil fuels to heat its 2,400-square-foot office in Barrington at a cost of $1,200 a year in electricity.  However, the company's commitment to sustainable practices goes well beyond using the system it sells and installs. After taking over the company in 2008 and renaming it Ultra Geothermal to match its new focus selling only geothermal systems...

Business NH Magazine does not publish their magazines online; for the full story on Ultra Geothermal and other award recipients winning the Lean & Green Award, please visit your nearest newstand for the August edition.