News : TVC Systems Helps Make UMass Medical School Campus

Aug 23, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch, Portsmouth Herald, and Seacoast Online.

By Jim Cavan

When the newly-expanded co-generation plant at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts is finally put on line, chances are much of the attention will be diverted to the brand new, 7.5 megawatt gas-fired turbine and heat recovery generator (HRSG).

And rightly so: the new addition is expected to dramatically curb pollutants from the massive system, in the process further reducing the campus’ overall carbon footprint.

Behind the scenes, however, exists an equally crucial – though much smaller – energy-efficiency component.  It’s called a Balance of Plant Control System (BOP), a computerized energy-management control and monitoring system that helps link all of the various components together, in the process helping them all operate more efficiently.

Built by Portsmouth-based TVC Systems, the new BOP control system – developed in conjunction with the project team – might appear to be operating in the shadows, so to speak. But one peek behind the curtain reveals the wizard behind it all.

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