News : Sustainable Energy - The Future in NH

Aug 24, 2011

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Deborah McDermott

Representatives from energy dealers, businesses and utilities joined former New Castle state representative David Borden and other town residents Tuesday night at a gathering to discuss the state's alternative energy future.

Borden sits on the board of the New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association, and the evening was the first of what he anticipates will be many across the state to introduce sustainable industry and business leaders, as well as residents, to the organization.

Also speaking was Hunter Brownlie of Progressive Asset Management Group, who specializes in energy efficiency investments in the state. Brownlie said the goal of like-minded people like those attending the meeting needs to be education.

"We need to change the mindset of society," he said. "The economics have to be there, but the mindset has to be there, too."

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