News : San Francisco Composting Law Spawns Startup… in New Hampshire

Aug 31, 2011

From Earth & Industry
June 2, 2010

By Timothy Hurst

It is often the case that when a policy is observed as effective in one city, state or country, other governmental bodies will adopt that policy, or some iteration of it, because they have already had the benefit of witnessing the policy experiment in action. Political scientists call the phenomenon policy diffusion and it usually applies to like units when they share information at conferences and use other traditional means of policy knowledge transfer (i.e cities with cities, states with states, etc.).

But what do they call it when a policy adopted in one major city then spurs the creation of a business and a market solution to an environmental problem in a city 3,000 miles away? I'm not sure there's a name for that yet, but it's exactly what happened in the case of New Hampshire entrepreneur Rian Bedard. After Bedard moved from San Francisco where composting is required by law. Taking what he knew about the San Francisco program, Bedard was inspired to try to bring curbside composting to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area. And in November, he and a friend started the company EcoMovement...

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