News : Portsmouth engineer blazes trail for women, green design

Aug 19, 2011

Originally posted to and Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

She may have been the first woman engineer he'd ever hired, but James Petersen also saw in Sarah Carter a unique narrative thread that seemed to bind all of his standout acquisitions: the itch to come home.

"We've gotten our best employees the same way we got Sarah, which is to say she spent a good part of her twenties working for a large firm in a big city," says Petersen, owner of the Portsmouth-based Petersen Engineering. "By the time Sarah got here, she'd had five years of solid fundamentals under her belt, so I felt like the beneficiary of her missing the culture of home."

Like many college grads, Sarah Carter needed some time to enjoy her 20s. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont in 2003, she moved west to the mountains of Colorado. There the Maine native spent the next year working primarily at a ski resort... to read the full story click here! To read the full story on Portsmouth Patch, click here