News : Portsmouth Brewery is a Locavore's Dream

Aug 30, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch

By Lief Friedrichs

August may well indeed be the best month for locavores, with bountiful local harvests and overflowing community farmer’s markets.  Late July, early August and September is a time where summer vegetables overlap with fresh fruit, wholesome meats and artisanal cheeses.

Luckily, the Portsmouth Brewery has added more and more local produce to its menu to accompany tasty in-house brews.  But while sourcing locally and sustainably has always been a part of the Brewery’s mission, featuring local products on the menu hasn’t always been easy.  According to Todd Sweet, head chef at the Portsmouth Brewery, sourcing local is a growing trend that the hallowed eatery has aggressively embraced.   “Fifteen years ago, we had to spend all day on the phone to find fresh, organic ingredients. Nowadays, local farmers come to us with their produce and I can spend more time in the kitchen and less time on the phone.”

Besides making his job more interesting and rewarding, using local produce makes a difference to the customer too. “Produce that is picked and delivered the same day has more flavor”, said Todd. “We especially notice a difference in farm fresh greens and heirloom squashes”.  Todd believes that fresh and organic food has become a big selling point to customers. “There is definitely that demand out there for people to know the story of their food and to make sure that what they are eating is not poured out of a box or from a can”.

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