News : NH Bridge Closure Presents Opportunities, Challenges for Businesses

Aug 10, 2011

By Jim Cavan

From Foster's Daily Democrat (August 8) and Exeter Patch (August 3)

For many, it was like getting the dreaded phone call that a long-ailing relative had passed on -- a drop of the stomach at once devastating and yet not in the least bit shocking. Memorial Bridge, it was announced by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) last month, will be closed permanently to vehicle traffic.

A new bridge is expected to be constructed by 2014, although the states of Maine and New Hampshire are still far from hashing out the deal's finer details. Citing the need to "ensure the public's safety," DOT Commissioner George Campbell assured citizens that the long-awaited bridge replacement project would be accelerated as much as possible, while the existing eight decade-old structure remains opened to foot and bike traffic for the time being.

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