News : Making the Grade

Aug 31, 2011

Published in Taste of the Seacoast

By Jim Cavan

Restaurants on the Seacoast have been embracing the farm-to-table concept - the philosophy of seeking ingredients from local sources, of knowing the farmer who supplies the steaks, cheeses, green beans, peaches - for several years. Now, Southern Maine has an added twist. Call it "farm-to-lunchroom." Archer Angus Farm in Chesterville, Maine, put out an incentive offer: if a local business buys a side of beef, the farm offers a credit to the York School Department's student lunch program towards the purchase of beef.

York's Clay Hill Farm restaurant was the first to participate, purchasing a 300-pound side. In return, Archer Angus provided a $50 credit for York school lunches, helping to rpovide a local, organic, and free-range option for students.

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