News : Insurance Agents of Change, and Savings

Aug 23, 2011

Published in Portsmouth Patch

By Scott Szycher

Home, auto, and boat insurance are the types of products and services we buy, but hope to never use. As such, many people know little about how the insurance business works.

That’s unfortunate, because what they don’t know could be costing them hundreds of dollars annually.

Jon Merwin, owner of New Hampshire-based Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, is trying to help people overcome costly misconceptions. “Unlike other industries, where ‘buying direct’ can save you money, that’s not necessarily the case with insurance,” explains Merwin, whose agency represents multiple insurance carriers, including Met Life, Progressive Insurance, and Hanover Insurance. “When customers come to me, I can shop for the best rate on their behalf. My job is to get the best rates and policies for my customers, not show loyalty to any one particular carrier.”

It’s understandable that people may believe that by purchasing an insurance policy directly, they’ll eliminate the “middleman”, and get lower rates. But the reality of the insurance business isn’t that simple.

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