News : Bob's Clam Hut adds green sorting station

Aug 1, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Published in Fosters Daily Democrat

Long been popular, the food and atmosphere at Bob’s Clam Hut will forever be the same, however its how customers are disposing of the mess that is changing. Bobs’s in Kittery has recently installed a brand new recycling center that helps dispose of trash into three different bins; one for trash, one for recyclables and one for compostable food scraps.

Pat Barrigar, Bob’s General Manager who has also had experience at Me and Ollie’s in Portsmouth, hopes this greatly diminishes the waste that is being created. "We're determined to make it work," said Conlon. "The next step is more educational information to help our customers understand what we're doing and give us more ideas on how to continue to 'go green.'"

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