News : July 2011

Biddeford Mills Museum connects community's past and green future

Jul 28, 2011

By David Anderson

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat and Portsmouth Patch

BIDDEFORD, Maine — For well over 150 years, Biddeford’s textile mills have helped to define life in this coastal Maine city of 21,000. Today, citizens of all ages are coming together to keep that legacy alive in the form of the Biddeford Mills Museum, a new community-based organization dedicated to “…weaving the threads of the past into the fabric of our futures.”

“Mills started this city in the 1800’s,” according to museum incorporator Scott Joslin of West Branch Construction.

Along with partner Doug Sanford of Eastland Construction & Management, Joslin spent much of the past seven years breathing new life into the historic North Dam Mill as part of a long-term redevelopment project known as the Pepperell Mill Campus. The revitalized four building campus incorporates modern green technologies, including energy efficient hot water boilers to low flow sinks and toilets.

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Old Windows Find a Following

Jul 28, 2011

From The New York Times

By Katie Zezima

...Old-window advocates do admit that it is hard for an old window to match the energy efficiency of a new one. But with the right steps it can come very close, said Paul Button, an energy auditor in Manchester, N.H.

For example, Mr. Button recommends installing a boxed cornice, a horizontal box above a window that hides the curtain rod, to help circulate the heat from room radiators around the window area. Also, he said, a good storm window is crucial for maximizing the window’s efficiency... To read the full story in the Times, click here!

Green Alliance Joins Forces With Northeast Organic Farming Association

Jul 26, 2011

By Scott Szycher

Posted in Fosters Daily Democrat, Exeter NH Patch, and Portsmouth Patch

In an effort to support local agriculture, maximize environmental protection, and promote human health and wellness, the Green Alliance is partnering with the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s New Hampshire chapter (NOFA-NH). The partnership consists of discounted services for each membership base, co-membership deals for the public, and co-promotion of the two organizations’ services. By partnering, the Green Alliance and NOFA-NH can more effectively publicize the important role played by New Hampshire’s organic farmers to the state’s economy and its citizens’ nutrition. It will also help connect organic farms to communities across the state, and to restaurants wishing to integrate organic food into their menus.

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Radon - A Hidden Menace

Jul 19, 2011

By Scott Szycher

Posted in Portsmouth Patch

Ask most people about radon, and they’ll mention something about the testing they had done when buying or selling a property. But that could be a mistake with significant consequences.

Radon is a naturally-occurring element that forms from decaying uranium – which itself is abundant in eastern New England... to read the full story click here.


Bob’s Hopes New Recycling Station Will Help Curb Waste

Jul 19, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Posted in Portsmouth Patch

The menu at Bob’s Clam Hut might not have changed much over the years – you can still get the same fresh seafood favorites on the docket since 1956. But beginning last week, what patrons dispose of and how is getting a major overhaul... to read more click here.


Adapting and Thriving in a Stressful World

Jul 18, 2011

 By Scott Szycher

Posted in Exeter Patch

Daily stresses are constantly growing and the high unemployment rates are not helping. Feeling stressful is now a daily occurrence and can lead to stress-related conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety and autoimmune diseases. Cardea business partner Cardea Center for Well-being is helping fight this struggle.

Whether we are thriving or just surviving in the face of life’s challenges has a lot to do with how well we physically, mentally, and emotionally adapt to changes around us,” said Dr. Kimberly Higney, chief NSA Practitioner at the Cardea Center for Well-Being, a Greenland, NH-based wellness center. “In our complex, fast-paced world more is required of us to be successful professionally and personally.”

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Shawnee Peak Offers Rustic Yurt Atop Namesake Crest

Jul 18, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Posted in Portsmouth Patch

Atop Shawnee Peak is now a 20-foot diameter structure that features a stunning view of Mount Washington and the White Mountain Presidential Range and is known as a yurt. What’s a yurt you may ask and how can you stay in one? To find out more read the full article on Shawnee Peak.

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Metal Wave turns ugly e-waste business into something good

Jul 18, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Published in Foster’s Daily Democrat
Published in the Portsmouth Patch

AMESBURY, Mass- Have you ever wondered where the old printers, hard drives, cell phones and other discarded electronic equipment end up after you dispose of it? Throwing these appliances in the trash after you’re finished with them may lead to leakage of toxic chemicals into land or water or worse. Metal Wave Inc. has now come up with a better option for disposing of such goods!

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Waterline designs largest photovoltaic array on Cape Cod

Jul 12, 2011

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

SEABROOK, Mass. — One would think a state ranked 12th in the country for solar photovoltaic systems wouldn't be looking to #29 to install one of its largest arrays. Particularly if two other in-state companies were also bidding on the project. But the Cape Cod, Mass., towns of Yarmouth and Dennis clearly saw something in the Seabrook-based Waterline Companies.

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Waterline holds ribbon cutting for largest photovoltaic array on Cape Cod

Jul 11, 2011

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

One would think a state ranked 12th in the country for solar photovoltaic systems wouldn’t be looking to #29 to install one of the former’s largest arrays. Particularly if two other in-state companies were also bidding on the project.

But the Cape Cod, Massachusetts towns of Yarmouth and Dennis clearly saw something in the Seabrook, New Hampshire-based Waterline Companies: a combination of experience and know-how that set them apart from their competitors.

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ar•tech•u•lating technology, in Dover, helps bring more efficiency to area firms

Jul 11, 2011

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat and Portsmouth Patch

By Dave Anderson

DOVER — When Roddi Chambers Smith gave the name ar•tech•u•lating technology to her full-service IT and web development company, she did so for a reason. Smith takes pride in her ability to clearly articulate the role technology can play in helping any enterprise run more smoothly and efficiently.

ar•tech•u•late, based in Dover, offers a variety of high-tech services, including network security, database and website design, social media strategies and hardware and software installation, configuration and maintenance. But what sets Smith apart is her uncanny ability to use anecdotes and real life experience to help even a complete novice understand what these things actually mean for their business.

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The Power of the Purse

Jul 8, 2011

Published in Exeter Patch

By Scott Szycher

Michael Smith, member of Progressive Asset Management Group, in Newfields is spreading the word that there is a way for your investments to follow your values and to be competitive with traditional investments called socially responsible investing.

“There’s a misconception that investors have to sacrifice financial return when investing in their values, but that simply isn’t true,” comments Michael Smith, a member of the Progressive Asset Management Group, the socially responsible division of Financial West Group, member FINRA/SIPC.

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"Deadliest Catch" Star in Kittery

Jul 6, 2011

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

“Deadliest Catch” cast member Darren M. Dyer, also a local native, will be making an appearance at Bob’s Clam Hut on Thursday from 3 to 7pm. By auctioning of survival suits, Bob’s hopes to benefit the local charity, Ethel’s Tree of Life, a nonprofit focused around transitional training for youths and young adults with disabilities and special needs. These special suits will be signed by the crew of the Northwestern. Dyer roots run deep in the Seacoast, he grew up in Kittery as well as attending Kittery schools and has been hoping to work with this organization. Bob’s will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Ethel’s Tree of Life as well.

Seacoast Ace Hardware Combines Old-School Customer Service with 21st Century Technology

Jul 5, 2011

Published on the Portsmouth Patch

By Scott Szycher

Tim Roberts, the new manager of Seacoast Ace Hardware in Portsmouth (just off Lafayette Road, behind the Pizza Hut and next to Heritage Storage), would seem to have retailing in his DNA: his parents owned a television store and a pet shop in Plaistow while he was growing up. And he wears his love of helping people like a badge of honor.

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