News : Frisbie Memorial takes aim at carbon footprint

May 9, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Foster's Daily Democrat

Where would we be without hospitals? Indeed, it's hard to imagine a functioning society without them. But for as much as hospitals help save lives and advance health and human wellness, one noted criticism of these necessary giants has always been their relatively large environmental impact.

At least here in the U.S., hospitals don't have a choice when it comes to much of that refuse — hazardous materials like surgical tools, instruments, needles, and human waste must be thrown away. After all, it's not as if any of them can be recycled, at least not without prohibitive cost and the lingering risk of contamination. Frisbie Memorial Hospital, located in Rochester, might never completely eliminate its carbon footprint. But that's not stopping them from trying. In 2009, Frisbie launched its Green Team. At first, the initiative began with the idea of cutting both costs and waste. But when they started realizing that the two could go hand-in-hand, "going green" became that much easier. To continue reading, check out the Foster's Daily Democrat website!