News : Car dealership's green efforts go beyond efficient vehicles

May 23, 2011

Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

GREENLAND — When hybrid cars first broke onto the scene in the early 2000s, green-minded consumers and environmentalists lauded the impressive step forward for the auto industry. Now, nearly a decade later, it seems like every manufacturer has hopped aboard the hybrid train. That includes Volkswagen, which offers a growing variety of super-efficient hybrids and diesels.

But if you ask Doug Miles, General Manager at Seacoast Volkswagen in Greenland, his dealership's green footprint doesn't end with the cars driven off the lot. "We're really lucky to be in a position where we can be an early adopter of new, green technologies, both with our cars and with our energy use," explains Miles. "Most car dealerships in this economy have had a tough go of it, but we're fortunate enough to have been in the market of fuel efficient vehicles for a long time."

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