News : Savings with solar power

Apr 11, 2011

By Chelsey Shuman

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

GREENLAND — Homeowner Barry Krieger and his wife recently installed 20 solar panels on their garage roof in an effort to reduce the amount of money they spend each year to heat their home.

The 4.6 kilowatt system is used for 95 percent of the couple's electrical needs.

"This has been a dream come true," Krieger said, "to become so much more efficient and make my own power."

The government incentive of a 30 percent tax credit made the decision that much easier, according to Krieger, who is looking at an 11-year payback.

"We keep the heat at 69 or 70 (degrees Fahrenheit) all the time," he said, "and we are paying $1,500 per year to heat a 2,300 square foot home."

Jack Bingham, from SEA Solar Store, who did the installation, said that solar panels are a sound and practical choice for any homeowner. To enjoy more of this story, check out the Seacoast Online website!