News : Local kitchen design company ties green ethos to Lakota heritage

Apr 11, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

If you polled 100 eco-friendly business owners on why they decided to go green, you'd likely hear some reasons more than others.

For many, it was the recognition of the region as a burgeoning eco-conscious market. For others it might be a dedication to environmentalism and for still others, it may be purely economic. But for one Seacoast company, "going green" is a duty as timeless as necessary.

Launched late last year, Seacoast-based Visions Kitchens and Design is a kitchen design company specializing in cabinets, countertops, closet systems and more. It is also one of the few in New England specializing in green design. Visit the Seacoast Online website to continue reading!