News : April 2011

Local companies pitch to Entrepreneur Forum

Apr 26, 2011

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Michael McCord

The owners of two local companies will have a chance to impress industry experts and investors at the Entrepreneur Forum of the New Hampshire High Technology Council next month. Revolution Energy of Dover and NextChoice of Stratham will make presentations to a panel of experts and a live audience to gain feedback and insight on their marketability and finance strategies.

"This is a positive step for us," said Michael Behrmann, co-founder of Revolution Energy, which specializes in alternative energy development. "Any insight is extremely valuable, and there's always the potential of having the right investor in the room who is interested in the field."

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Taking it outside

Apr 26, 2011

Portsmouth Herald

Hearty Seacoasters brave and endure our New England winters with patience, for the most part, because we know a few things will soon come.

The temperature will rise above 50, crocuses will poke through the ground, and come April city decks will open in Portsmouth and beyond. All those things have finally happened and a new season for our wonderful destination city is on its way.

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At 30, Portsmouth's Redhook brewery is adding surprises, simpler names, more of original beer bottle packaging

Apr 20, 2011

By Roni Reino

Foster's Daily Democrat

PORTSMOUTH — Redhook beer drinkers might get a bit of a shock next time they grab their favorite brew.

After recently celebrating its 30th anniversary, the brewery is taking on a "no frills" approach to the look of its bottles, labels, bottle caps and packages — not to mention its beer names.

"For our naming convention, we are really going to be dropping the made-up names for our beers," said Redhook Brand Manager Robert Rentsch. "Now we are focusing just on the style. Why give it another name; it's Redhook and it's a style of beer."

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Papa Wheelies Hosts Seacoast Bike Swap

Apr 18, 2011

By Scott Szycher

Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH — Papa Wheelies is preparing to hold its third annual Seacoast Bike Swap.

Hosted by the Islington Street shop, the event will be held rain or shine from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 17. Bike owners can swap their old bikes for cash or store credit and contribute to charitable causes.

"Three years ago, with the recession really hitting home, we wanted to help folks unload their pre-owned bikes," said Nat McAllister, Papa Wheelies co-owner.

Papa Wheelies staff will inspect bikes to make sure they're safe, and if so, will include them in the swap. If the bike sells, the customer who turned it in receives either $80 in cash or a store credit that is good for all merchandise or bike service and repair. Bikes that don't sell can be taken home or donated to the St. Charles Children Home, an orphanage in Rochester that supports children ages 3 to 12, or to Bikes Not Bombs, a nonprofit that donates bikes to economic development projects in developing nations.

Papa Wheelies receives hundreds of pre-owned bikes leading up to the swap. "We get everything from kids bikes to performance bikes, and our staff helps match folks to appropriate bikes," McAllister said.

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Cleaning business keeps homes clean and eco-friendly

Apr 11, 2011

By Barbara Leech

Union Leader, New Hampshire Sunday Times

One of the most powerful ways to go green around the home is to turn in those harmful chemicals used for house cleaning for earth-friendly alternatives.

Sustainable entrepreneur Johnmark O'Brien, owner of Green Maids, chose to do just that with the start of his cleaning business back in 2009, and now homes and businesses across the Seacoast are going green with how they clean.

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Local kitchen design company ties green ethos to Lakota heritage

Apr 11, 2011

By Jim Cavan

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

If you polled 100 eco-friendly business owners on why they decided to go green, you'd likely hear some reasons more than others.

For many, it was the recognition of the region as a burgeoning eco-conscious market. For others it might be a dedication to environmentalism and for still others, it may be purely economic. But for one Seacoast company, "going green" is a duty as timeless as necessary.

Launched late last year, Seacoast-based Visions Kitchens and Design is a kitchen design company specializing in cabinets, countertops, closet systems and more. It is also one of the few in New England specializing in green design. Visit the Seacoast Online website to continue reading!

ALIVE! event to help Ali Goodwin in fight against breast cancer

Apr 11, 2011

By Deborah McDermott

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

She gets by with more than a little help from her friends.

Ali Goodwin, of York, Maine, who is battling Stage 3 breast cancer, is well known throughout the Seacoast as an artist, photographer and sailor. Many friends and acquaintances have banded together to hold "ALIVE! A Swanky Night of Art, Music, Food and Burlesque" as a benefit to help defray Goodwin's medical costs. 

The event is May 20 at the Portsmouth Harbor Events Center, 100 Deer St., which is donating the space. To continue reading, visit the Seacoast Online website!

N.H.'s women-owned businesses boom over past decade

Apr 11, 2011

By Michael McCord

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

A recently released study shows New Hampshire is one of the top states in revenue growth generated by women-owned businesses.

Based on 2010 Census data, the American Express OPEN State of Women Owned Businesses Report tracked comprehensive trends in these types of companies from 1997 to 2011. While New Hampshire ranked 29th in the overall number of women-owned businesses, it was third in the country in the rate of revenue growth. Visit the Seacoast Online website to continue reading!

ReStore stocked up on reused items for your home

Apr 11, 2011

By Scott Szycher

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

DOVER — The Habitat for Humanity ReStore has seen steady growth since opening in 2008, when it began selling donated furniture and appliances at a reasonable price.

"Our earning customers one at a time is entirely consistent with Habitat for Humanity's philosophy," said Tom Boisvert, president of the Habitat for Humanity's Southeast New Hampshire affiliate. "Our first mission is to help the community, and when we succeed at that, growth follows."

Operating from a 10,000-square-foot space behind Central Street, ReStore stocks donated cabinets, appliances, furniture, tools and building materials, new and used. That includes doors, windows, tile, hardwood flooring, light fixtures and kitchen sinks. Visit the Seacoast Online website to continue reading!

Kittery Block Party scheduled for June 18

Apr 11, 2011

By Deborah McDermott

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

KITTERY, Maine — Imagine downtown blocked off from traffic on a sunny Saturday in early summer, the area thronging with all sorts of people there to enjoy great food, music, children's activities and lots of camaraderie.

That's exactly what will be happening June 18 when the first Kittery Block Party takes place in what is planned to be an annual event. This year, the theme will be "Building Bridges," appropriate as Kittery works to forge its identity in light of the upcoming Memorial Bridge replacement. "Kittery is such a spunky town. This is a great way to celebrate that," said Michael Landgarten, who owns both Bob's Clam Hut and Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery. To continue reading, check out the Seacoast Online website!

Savings with solar power

Apr 11, 2011

By Chelsey Shuman

Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

GREENLAND — Homeowner Barry Krieger and his wife recently installed 20 solar panels on their garage roof in an effort to reduce the amount of money they spend each year to heat their home.

The 4.6 kilowatt system is used for 95 percent of the couple's electrical needs.

"This has been a dream come true," Krieger said, "to become so much more efficient and make my own power."

The government incentive of a 30 percent tax credit made the decision that much easier, according to Krieger, who is looking at an 11-year payback.

"We keep the heat at 69 or 70 (degrees Fahrenheit) all the time," he said, "and we are paying $1,500 per year to heat a 2,300 square foot home."

Jack Bingham, from SEA Solar Store, who did the installation, said that solar panels are a sound and practical choice for any homeowner. To enjoy more of this story, check out the Seacoast Online website!