News : Local green business owner takes recycling for a spin

Mar 29, 2011

By Jim Cavan

From Foster's Daily Democrat

PORTSMOUTH — His store has earned a reputation as one of the greenest retailers anywhere. He's been featured in Green America's National Green Pages. His environmental tips, aired weekly on WXGR (101.5 FM), have helped earn him the nickname "Green Guru."

But beyond the plethora of green accolades and accomplishments, Paul Keegan's true passion -- unlike the eco product-stacked shelves lying in plain view throughout his 1 World Trading store on Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth -- rests in a place largely out of site to most. In the basement, to be more specific. That's where dozens of bike frames and requisite fodder line the walls, beams and floors like so many lifeless metal skeletons. But unlike their more organic brethren, these bones will one day walk, or ride, as it were, again.

Keegan is taking recycling to new heights. What might be worthless handlebars, wheels or brakes to most of us, are jewels ripe for re-use.... read the full story in Foster's by clicking here