News : Earthtec's partnerships continue to raise awareness

Feb 7, 2011


Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH- Dennis Randall spent this weekend multi-tasking and savoring every minute of it. 

Randall played hockey at the popular Pond Hockey Classic Tournament, held Friday, Saturday, and today, on Lake Winnapesaukee in Meredith, and of equal importance, spread the good news and gospel about sustainability, taking care of the planet, and his company EARTHTEC. 

"We've created a better business platform," said Randall, chief executive officer of EARTHTEC, the Portsmouth-based company that makes apparel from recycled or renewable fabrics like plastics, organic cotton, and natural wool. "We're gonna be proud of our business and protect the planet at the same time. I would feel shallow at the end of the day if we didn't do everything we could, and we have found that customers reward us with their dollars because of what we stand for." Read more at Seacoast Online