News : For Newburyport and York cabinetmaker, crafting an enduring product is as green as it gets

Jan 27, 2011


Coastal Home Winter 2011

With so many big box stores housing aisle upon aisle of composite cabinetry, seldom do you encounter a kitchen motif older than a decade. Like many other products, furniture and cabinetry are fast-becoming mere consumables, often disposed of without a second thought. The quintessential Yankee (and "green") philosophy of making the most out of what you have, while creating something as beautiful as it is enduring, is continually being buried deeper in the modern consciousness. Jewett Farms & Co. Cabinetmakers intends to resurrect the concept of green and custom cabinetry, and along the way help to define green for the woodworking industry itself. To get the full story, visit Coastal Home Magazine and find page 95!