News : January 2011

For Newburyport and York cabinetmaker, crafting an enduring product is as green as it gets

Jan 27, 2011


Coastal Home Winter 2011

With so many big box stores housing aisle upon aisle of composite cabinetry, seldom do you encounter a kitchen motif older than a decade. Like many other products, furniture and cabinetry are fast-becoming mere consumables, often disposed of without a second thought. The quintessential Yankee (and "green") philosophy of making the most out of what you have, while creating something as beautiful as it is enduring, is continually being buried deeper in the modern consciousness. Jewett Farms & Co. Cabinetmakers intends to resurrect the concept of green and custom cabinetry, and along the way help to define green for the woodworking industry itself. To get the full story, visit Coastal Home Magazine and find page 95!

After five decades, Rockingham takes aim at green

Jan 24, 2011


The Portsmouth Herald (Seacoast Online)

January 23, 2011

NEWINGTON — As far as local icons go, there aren't many that can tout the visible recognition of Rockingham Electric. Indeed, if one were to provide directions in, around, or past Newington on Route 16, referencing the "gigantic red barn next to the bridge" would ring familiar to just about anyone.

But while the near 70,000-square-foot Rockingham Electric building seems as sturdy and indestructible as any, a look at the company shows it's survival wasn't always a sure thing. To read the full story, visit Seacoast Online.

Call him the 'Green Guru'

Jan 18, 2011


Foster's Daily Democrat

January 16, 2011

PORTSMOUTH — Normally, Paul Keegan wouldn't be one for iconic titles.

The owner of 1 World Trading Company on Congress Street appears humble and accessible. And while his store — a catch-all for green and eco-friendly gifts, clothing, housewares and cleaning products — can't help but reflect an aura of idealism, a short conversation with Keegan is anything but pretentious.

Keegan branched out from his retail business to partner with local radio station WXGR 101.5 on a series of "green tips," to be broadcast regularly on the world music-oriented channel. Keegan and WXGR director Rob Connelly knew they needed a persona who eco-friendly Seacoast listeners could easily identify with. After some thought, Keegan settled on a winner. Say hello to the "Green Guru. To continue reading the story follow the link to Seacoastonline!

Clay Hill Farm Plans Third Green Wedding Giveaway

Jan 18, 2011


Foster's Daily Democrat

CAPE NEDDICK, Maine — Clay Hill Farm recently announced it is accepting applications for their third annual Green Wedding Giveaway. The contest, already a green hallmark on the Seacoast, this year has broadened its scope, with more winners and community outreach a more central focus.

For Clay Hill Farm owner Jennifer Lewis-McShera, sustainability is a fundamental building block of her restaurant and event center and the Green Wedding Giveaway provides the perfect opportunity to highlight this commitment. Indeed, Lewis-McShera believes that going green is a journey, that all of us are a different "shade" of green, and -- most importantly -- that there is potential for everyone to increase his or her greenness.

Visit Foster's Daily Democrat to read more!

ReStore teams up with new 'construction classifieds''

Jan 13, 2011


Coastal Home

January 2011

Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, craigslist has helped countless millions worldwide find everything from picnic tables to jobs to relationships. But anyone who’s gone on the massive classifieds site looking for moldings, painting supplies, or used lumber, may have found themselves trolling around longer than it would have taken to drive to the nearest Home Depot and back.

Enter the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which specializes in recycled and re-used construction, building, and home improvement materials. Partnering with California-based Diggerslist and Green Alliance (GA), a Seacoast-based green business union, starting in February the ReStore will be posting large swaths of its inventory of used building and home improvement supplies on the growing “construction classifieds” site.

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TMS Opens Provident Bank

Jan 12, 2011

TMS Architects has been working with The Provident Bank since 2002 when the firm transformed an old Friendlys Resturant in Newburyport into a branch bank that evoked the area's rich historic historic architectual heritage.  To preview the article flip to page 18 of High Profile Monthly: December Issue

Radio spots turn retailer into the 'Green Guru'

Jan 10, 2011
Fosters Daily Democrat
Monday, January 10, 2011

PORTSMOUTH — Normally, Paul Keegan wouldn't be one for dramatic or iconic titles. Indeed, the owner of Portsmouth's 1 World Trading Company tends to strike those who meet him as equal parts humble and accessible.  And while his store is a catch-all for green and eco-friendly gifts, clothing, housewares and cleaning products he can't help but reflect an unmistakable aura of idealism, a short conversation with Keegan himself is anything but pretentious.

But that was before local Portsmouth community radio station 101.5 WXGR decided to partner with Keegan on a series of "green tips," to be broadcast regularly on the world music-oriented channel. That's not to say Keegan's new gig suddenly turned him into Howard Stern, quite the contrary. However, accepting the personality-driven nature of the medium for what it is, Keegan and WXGR director Rob Connelly knew they needed a persona that the eco-friendly Seacoast listener could easily identify with.  To continue reading this story follow the link to Fosters......

Solar Install 101 with SEA Solar Store

Jan 10, 2011

Check out this great new video from Now Or Never's Bill Rogers as he follows SEA's Jack Bingham on a solar installation project!


Now Or Never helps bring Petersen rennovation project to light

Jan 10, 2011

Petersen Engineering recently completed the bulk of a massive rennovation product which helped render their Maplewood space 80 percent more efficient, without sacrificing any of the early 1800s home's charm. Check out the below video, produced by Now Or Never Media, highlighting the project and its unique and impressive rennovation techniques!


Petersen Focuses Engineering Expertise, Green Standards On New Office Space

Jan 4, 2011

Granite State Builder
Winter 2011

The Green Alliance has done it again.  Jim Cavan's story on Petersen Engineering's eco friendly and progressive approach to preservation and renovation was recently published in this winters edition of the Granite State Builder Magazine.  Petersen's practices exude a strong commitment to energy efficiency and historical housing preservation.  To preview this article follow the link and scroll to page 18, and be sure to pick up a copy of Granite State Builder at your local news stand.