News : Concrete plans lead to business success

Dec 27, 2010

From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan
December 26, 2010

SEABROOK — When starting a business in a recessionary economy, oftentimes finding the right niche is just as important as the product itself.

Luckily, Patrick and Kate Simons figured out a way to accomplish both.  The couple owns The Refinery Concrete, a Seabrook-based cutting-edge concrete design company that specializes in green techniques, designs and products.

While out West, working chiefly in the carpentry field, Patrick Simons began experimenting with concrete as a medium for countertops, sinks, fireplaces, furniture, and other architectural elements. Inspired by the works of San Francisco-based concrete designers, Simons slowly began honing his new craft, along the way developing techniques and methods which helped render the traditionally rough and cold material into something sleeker, warmer and more inviting.....Read more here!