News : After nearly 40 years, local music rep still hitting green note

Dec 13, 2010

From the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

Music and social issues have often been joined at the hippest of hips. From '60s folk to '70s punk a new wave, '80s arena rock and benefit concerts to today's headstrong hip-hop, nearly every modern musical movement can claim a social anchor somewhere in its chorus.

But talent agencies? Not exactly a hotbed of activism — at least not traditionally. But the owner of one Seacoast outfit has made a career out of balancing the two.

"Cuzin" Richard Smith, owner and founder of Cuzin Richard Entertainment Associates (CREA), might not represent the next Clash or Mos Def. Still, Smith's business has for nearly 40 years been just as important to him as his causes, most of which revolved around environmental issues.... read more here!