News : UNH Professor Furnishes Entire Home for $1,000

Nov 29, 2010

Published in Portsmouth Herald

Less than a year ago, University of New Hampshire professor and Durham resident Kelly Cullen was in a state of limbo. Newly divorced, with a young child in tow, and no savings, equity or belongings to speak of, she pushed the reset button.

Cullen decided to try an experiment: Shortly after purchasing a home, she made it her goal to furnish it with only second-hand items, absolutely nothing new. Every piece of furniture, spoon, towel — all of it would be reused. She told friends and family she was doing a sort of "reverse yard sale," and would accept any dormant or otherwise neglected belongings they no longer had use for. Cullen had only one stipulation: They weren't allowed to use their donations as an excuse to buy new things for themselves.

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