News : Going green a growing priority for Concord Hotel

Nov 15, 2010

Published in High Profile

By Jim Cavan

Whether we’re talking about bakeries, clothing outlets, or energy companies, it seems like green businesses are popping up everywhere these days. Chances are you probably have a favorite in the area.

But a green hotel? Unless we’re talking about a White Mountain bed and breakfast, greening a hotel seems about as likely a prospect as a green football stadium.

The folks at Courtyard Marriott and Grappone Conference Center in Concord beg to differ.

After being approached last year by the New Hampshire Restaurant and Lodging Association (NHRLA) to take part in their Sustainable Lodging Program, Chef Trish Taylor and her newly-anointed “Green Team” were excited by the prospects of remaking the sizable hotel, which includes the sprawling Grappone Conference Center....To read the full story click here!