News : 'Green' Buildling is Really 'Quality' Building

Oct 18, 2010

From Granite State Builder

by Sarah Brown

True there is lots of noise about “ green building” and most individuals will say its something they would take into consideration. But how far have we come? Is sustainable construction really something the consumer is knowledgeable about and
considers a priority? As Director and owner of the Green Alliance I have interaction
with both consumers and the green builders that service them. And, while we have
come a long way in the past few years in terms of greater consumer awareness around
sustainable building products and practices, we still have a ways to travel to fully
arrive. The recession has not helped of course – often times, in a short-term cost
analysis the sustainable options are going to cost more and with money tight and lending
even tighter, its still a major hurdle for most looking to remodel or build to commit to
spending “ extra” . From my perspective, in the hot-seat, it all comes down to two things,
consumer education and a true long-term cost analysis.

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