News : Getting the Green to 'Go Green'

Oct 11, 2010

From Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

PORTSMOUTH — From a distance, it must have been a sight to behold: two youngish, professional men, one clad in a black three-piece suit, heaving wood pallets and other refuse into a Dumpster outside a high school.

Strangely enough, it was probably the second time that day the two had sweated through their suits.

Earlier that day, Mike Behrmann and Clay Mitchell met with Gov. John Lynch at the University of New Hampshire during an event touting its Green Launching Pad, a grant program to help aid entrepreneurs in the green energy and products sector. Mitchell and Behrmann's Revolution Energy was one of five startups in May to receive a GLP grant, designed to help each business take the "next step" forward in developing, producing, distributing or marketing their respective green products or services.

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