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Sep 8, 2010

From Coastal Home

By Jim Cavan

In the world of organic lawn care, Paul Tukey is like a rock star. A very polarizing rock star.

Tukey has engineered the nation's highest-profile organic makeover on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.; produced and hosted his own national television show on HGTV; recently made his first movie (A Chemical Reaction); and his book is considered by many to be the authority for a new, fast-growing, green-lawn-care consciousness. He has been on Good Morning America and The Martha Stewart Show, and he's one the most sought-after speakers and lecturers in his field.

But for all the accolades and exhaustive media attention, Tukey's stardom is as much maligned as it is lauded. To some in the chemical lawncare industry, he is an "eco-terrorist."  He sometimes receives angry, threatening e-mails from people who worry that Tukey is going to make their backyards illegal... To read the full article click here!