News : Local media company takes green message to many platforms

Sep 7, 2010

From The Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH — In a media landscape where the Internet is as indispensable as it is convenient, trying to find the most effective means of keeping someone's attention is as crucial as grabbing it. The more serious the topic, the more important it is the interest be immediately piqued.

At least one Seacoast media company said it has figured that out. Portsmouth-based Now Or Never Media is working to change how global climate change information is transmitted, and how it can bring people together. The team: two local activists. The message: climate change is here and happening now. The outlet: anything new and exciting. The goal: nothing short of changing the world.

Now Or Never Media manager and producer Melissa Paly and director Bill Rogers said now is the time to address climate change. While they began working with each other nearly a decade ago, it wasn't until 2006 when their work took an activist tone. Teaming with photo-journalist turned filmmaker Peter Vandermark, in 2007 Rogers collaborated with local filmmaker Tom Jackson to produce their first video, "Out of Balance." The film took a critical look at Exxon Mobile and its role — along with principals in the Bush administration — in influencing energy and climate change policy.

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