News : Closing the Loop

Sep 8, 2010

From Taste Magazine

By Jim Cavan

Minutes past six on a frigid February morning, Rian Bedard picks through a yellow wastebasket full of garbage in the quiet alley behind the Portsmouth Brewery.  The mercury flirting with zero, Bedard's gloved hands are happy to find a warm, albeit brief relief as they rifle through a day or two's worth of lukewarm restaurant scraps: everything from fruit rinds to pulled pork to near-rotten sauces and chicken scraps.  The real culprits are harder to find - the coffee stirrers, rubber bands, crayons, plastic bags, and bottle caps serving as the slippery needles in the slimiest of haystacks.  Setting aside these undesirables -- compost heaps unfortunately have no use for plastic, wax, or glass -- Bedard and his partner, Marcel Miranda, will repeat the process several times this morning, stopping at the Portsmouth restaurants that have left the requisite yellow baskets outside their back doors.

Bedard and Miranda will toss the wax and plastic bits and bring what remains--anywhere from 100 pounds to multiple tons of would-be waste--to select local facilities, where it will join already mountainous mounds of compost... To read the full story click here!