News : Seabrook alternative energy company erects largest solar system in New Hampshire

Aug 16, 2010

Published in Newburyport Business

By Jim Cavan

When it comes to investing in solar energy, the Granite State just keeps raising the bar. Yesterday North Conway became the latest in an ever-growing list of New Hampshire cities to invest in renewable energy. Waterline Alternative Energies, the Seabrook, NH, company that installed the solar array, is part of Waterline Industries, the contractor for the first phase of renovations at the Newburyport wastewater treatment plant on Water Street.

With the help of funding made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the New Hampshire Revolving Loan Fund, the North Conway Water Precinct was able install a solar photovoltaic system that will supply energy to cover a significant portion of the plant’s annual electricity usage.

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