News : NH media company takes green message to many platforms

Aug 25, 2010

From Newburyport Business

By Jim Cavan

In a media landscape where the internet has become as indispensible as it is convenient, trying to find the most effective means of keeping someone’s attention has become as crucial as grabbing it in the first place.

And while that’s easy if you’re going for the cheap thrills – toddler music prodigies, drunken injuries and anything involving household pets seems to work as YouTube eyeball glue – the more serious the topic, the more important it is the interest be immediately piqued.


One Seacoast media company seems to have figured it out. Based in a second story office on Court Street in Portsmouth, Now Or Never Media is changing the way one important issue – global climate change – is not only transmitted, but also how it can ultimately bring us together... Read the full story in Newburyport Busines by clicking here!