News : Green Launching Pad Having an Impact

Aug 30, 2010

 From the Portsmouth Herald

By Michael McCord

August 30, 2010

DURHAM — For entrepreneur Mike Behrmann of Revolution Energy in Dover, the potential of a new program designed to help small alternative energy companies make it in the marketplace is bearing fruit.

"Things are going great," said Behrmann about the crash course his young business has taken since it was chosen in May as one of the five original companies taking part in the University of New Hampshire-based Green Launching Pad. "We have received a number of different resources from the GLP, and the mentoring has played a big role in helping us develop."

The Green Launching Pad, a partnership between the state of New Hampshire and the University of New Hampshire, was unveiled earlier this year with much fanfare and bolstered by $750,000 in federal stimulus funding.

The goal of the initiative was to help innovative clean energy companies succeed in the marketplace and jump start the creation of green economy jobs while lessening the economic dependence and environmental harm of fossil fuels. The template was to give established and start-up companies extensive financial, operational, technical, and managerial support to launch and commercialize green energy products and services to enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy.... To read more click here